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Turn based multiplayer strategy/beat'em up in demo version.  It's not Garry's mod nor my own version of Hatred.  Simple a submission to /agdg/'s Demo Day 20. The game is in a very early alpha stage and it is full of bugs and unimplemented functions.

Controls: Use mouse for everything. Point to move. Use screen menu for camera control or attacks. 

If you want to use a keyboard: Space to switch between player control and camera control. Also use Z to attach/dettach camera.
Only public servers mode is available.

Create a new game (and wait for others to join) or join an existing one. Use proper game name to describe what kind of gameplay you expect. Max 8 players on a map in a single game. Number of games is unlimited. The game lasts until one player is left alive or the team scores certain amount of point.

Gameplay rules:

  • expect nothing
  • have fun
  • don't spoil fun
  • absolute freedom of speech at all time


Current version: 0.4

Published May 07, 2018
StatusIn development
Tagsagdg, dd20, Multiplayer

Install instructions

Download, unzip, double click exe file.


TheCollapse_EuroWars_v_0_4.zip 120 MB

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